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Established in 1963

How To Join

Cadets is free to join! We provide your uniform and the costs of training, including meals. Out of pocket
costs are very small - boot polish, hair elastics and hair nets (for female cadets), etc.


And signing up for cadets is so easy!


Come to Fort York Armoury any Tuesday or Thursday night between 7:00 pm and 9:00pm - no need to
call ahead!


You can download and fill out the membership form online, or get a copy from the office in Room 139.
Parents will need to sign this form.  The cadet joining will need their birth certificate and health card. 


If your cadet has any medical issues they may be required to fill out an additional health questionnaire.


You can call 416-203-4612 or email for additional information. Please be aware
that during the training year, phone messages are only checked twice weekly.



That's it!



Download the form here!

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